The Center of Things

The concept of the “center” is a concept of importance.

Let’s get technical.

The center of gravity determines the stability of a structure, and in space, an object rotates about the center of gravity.

Let’s get political.

The center of power locates the political, economic and even the cultural source of influence. It also represents in spatial terms the proximity to power.

All of these factors are rolled up into why the center piece of our tables are so critical.

Depending on the event, the choice of the center piece can be a source of significant contention and pride.

A beautifully casted center piece will pull people to the table. It will also imbue significance to the things closest to it.


So, whether on the; coffee table, dining table, wedding table or any table, the right center piece can make all the difference.

Unique Sand Casting could be your partner to bring your creativity, and new “centers of gravity” to life in your home or where ever tables exist.


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