Our Services

Our wide range of services allows us to support you and your business your business needs quickly, efficiently and at the best value. Our services include:
  • Design and Fabricating
  • Sand Casting
  • Permanent Mould Casting
  • Heat Treating
  • Impregnation
  • Core Making
  • Finishing / Shot Blasting 


Permanent Mould Casting

A permanent mould casting is a part produced from a mould made from metal, usually cast iron or steel. The permanent mould has a negative cavity of the part desired. Liquid aluminum is poured into the cavity of the permanent mould and allowed to solidify. Once the aluminum has solidified the part is extracted from the mould.


Aluminum Sand Casting

An aluminum sand casting is a part produced by forming a mould from sand that is coated by a binder (either water or chemical). The cavity of the mould is formed by using a positive pattern of the part desired, ramming the sand around the pattern and then separating the pattern from the moulded sand. Liquid aluminum is poured into the resulting cavity and left to solidify. After the metal has solidified the aluminum casting is extracted from the sand mold by breaking the moulded sand.

Custom Fabricated Castings

At Unique Sand Casting Ltd. we fabricate and produce high quality custom metal castings to your specifications.  Our goal is to determine your needs and use the best production methods and quality materials to meet your project needs.

We deliver on every expectation, every promise and strive to provide precise fabricated moulds and castings to meet your needs.

Products & Materials:

  • Aluminum, Zinc, Bronze, Brass, Copper
  • Hose Reels, Brackets for Stop Lights, Safety Equipment
  • Bushings, Bearings, Bars, Door Inserts, Table and Chair legs

Delivery: 1 – 3 weeks for casting ready patterns.