Production and Administration team

Anthony Celan, Manager of Operations

Anthony has worked in the foundry industry for 15 years in production and commercial management. He is an Ontario Certified Welder with 10 years sole proprietorship. He is a strategic thinker with hands on engineering. Contact info:

Owen James, Vice President

Owen has over four decades of Managerial experience in the manufacturing & Non-profit Industry.


Melvin Wilson, President

Melvin is an Ontario Certified Welder and has been in the engineering industry for over 5 decades. He is a highly innovative engineer in the Hose reel and fabrication industry and a successful business owner. Contact info:


Simone Stephenson, Account Manager / Office Manager

Simone has a degree in Business Administration and Accounting and has over 20 years of corporate experience in Supervisory and Managerial capacity. Contact info:



  • Melvin Wilson – President
  • Easton Stephenson – Chief Financial Officer
  • Owen James – Vice President
  • Valentine Hughes
  • Anthony Celan – Manager of Operations
  • Easton Richards
  • Jason Wilson – Secretary of Directors
  • Ainsworth McTaggart – IT
Jason Wilson







Easton Stephenson







Ainsworth McTaggart










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