Let’s Cast Away

The words casting and foundry conjure images of massive items used in the production and manufacturing space. However, there are many everyday items that had their birth through the delight craft of casting and the technical experience of foundry.

Let me take you through your house, I bet I can find some really cool examples.

First, I knock at your door!


Your door is that beautiful dark stained wood door with metal inserts and double pane glass. That detailed and elegant execution is an example of casting.

As I step into your home, I see the beauty of the inside with the warm photos and the warm lights. But look! Those lights are sitting and hanging from intricately casted fittings.

You kindly, invite me to stay for dinner and you break out those amazing candle holders.

The detailing on those candles have officially changed what comes to mind now when I hear casting.

What’s in a name?

What’s in a name? Would a rose smell any less sweet if it were called … violet? That’s deeply philosophical and food for thought. But for us, a name is everything.

For us, name is nature and essence.

Unique Sand Casting is what and who we are. The easy part – we do sand casting! Yep – you win a prize. But do you know what sand casting is? In short, sand casting is using a mould made of sand to shape a molten metal. Pretty cool – or rather hot stuff!

Now to the unique.

We are unique in what we do, how we do it and who we do it for. That’s called a hattrick.

What we do

Eagle-Hook-Truck-Trailer-Cast-Grip-XrayAt Unique Sand Casting we provide a wide range of services allowing us to support our clients’ needs quickly, efficiently and at the best value. We have successfully produced from 3D model design to casting to meet CSA, OSHA and ANSI Fall restraint standards.  These require intrinsic detail, allowing for minimum porosity, no oxide inclusions, cracks, providing strength and requires x-ray approval for each batch of castings produced. In this we soar above the rest.

How we do it

Foundry-Surface-CleaningWe produce quality castings using sand and permanent mould. We use your pattern to create a clean detailed casting that represent your brand.  We can replicate your castings without using a pattern. This in itself shows experience, knowledge and talent.  To replicate using your actual casting keeping the integrity of the pattern and the size. Our approach is not just on the design, but also on the detail, safety, and intricate castings to ensure optimal success and quality outcomes.

Who we do it for

Metal-Worker-Foundry-Sand-CastingAgain, our unique approach of supporting from concept to execution allows us to partner with a wide range of customers; from sole-proprietors to large corporations, and produce any quantity of aluminum castings.  We will produce two pieces for a client and thousands for another. We understand the need for periodic small quantities. Our flexibility is not limited to quantity but extends to size.  We have produced castings as small as 1 ¼“ and as large as 8 feet.

Unique Sand Casting is a name we want you to remember, but we’re fine if you forget it, and only remember the names of our amazing and knowledgeable staff who are eager and always willing to deliver unique and exceptional service to you and your business.

We look forward to getting to know your name soon.